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Product Management or Internet Marketing
Which field has more prospects according to you guys? If anybody has to choose a career between these two then which one will be more better than the other.
The real question here is what's your passion?

Both of them you mentioned are good in their own way. But the decision has to be made by you after all. Chase the one which interests you more and don't just chase the one in which you can earn you more.
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I agree with mediamonster.

You are choosing a career here. Don't need rush into these things. Take your time and think in which one you are more interested in.!!
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I like IM more. If that's you guys are telling. Thanks anyway.!!Smile
Your career goals and interests determine your choice between Product Management and Internet Marketing. Product Management involves overseeing product development from conception to launch, which requires skills like market analysis, project management, and cross-functional teamwork. On the other hand, Internet Marketing refers to promoting products online using tools like SEO, content marketing, and social media, which are perfect for those interested in digital trends and customer engagement. When making this choice, consider where your strengths and interests lie - both fields offer invaluable experiences that can transfer across fields.
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mediamonster got a point since both are kind of different fields

your interest , your passion defines what you should really be doing.

Product Management is all about the starting of an idea to development and scaling and at last declining of the idea

Internet marketing is about basically marketing that idea to the people

Tho you can do both fields since you are the in charge and you can guide your team well if you know both

My advice would be to learn and understand internet marketing first and then go to Product management.
Both digital marketing and product management are important for a company's success. Digital marketing helps to increase brand awareness and drive sales, while product management ensures that the company is offering products or services that meet customer needs and are profitable.

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