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Ad types that will dominate
What type of ads will dominate the market apart from banners?

It is from an advertisers POV.

Since Google will be going against intrusive ads and other what not's.
Text ads which are paid via actions. Low priced, effective and can be very high converting as well.
(11-10-2021, 05:36 AM)spidy29 Wrote: Since Google will be going against intrusive ads and other what not's.

What it will do is only target small and medium advertisers. Because big ones deosn't rely much on these ads types and they can easily buy off good places to put their banners in large sites.

Sponsorships are also a good way. Get any good youtuber with good subscribers to speak for you in return for a favor or such.
The type of ads actually depends on the requirements.
Text ads are effective and convert more.

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