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How to effectively use Emails to build Quality Links ??
I have been searching for this since quite some time now. Everybody suggests it. But nobody actually explains and/or give some detailed insight that how one should execute it. Confused

The main reason I have found that nobody actually talks about is that there is no particular rule of engagement. Everything varies from person to person. So, if anybody can share some light in a generalised way then I will be grateful.
In Backlinko Brian Dean's blog. I have found quite a good insightful material.

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: 2.png]

[Image: 3.png]

[Image: 4.png]

[Image: 5.png]

[Image: 6.png]

[Image: 7.png]

[Image: 8.png]

[Image: 9.png]

[Image: 10.png]
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I am not an expert. But I couldn't help myself. So, I will tell you this that. Anything out there which are published are already outdated. Yes, these are general norms. But the truth is that anything which are being published by these experts only means that these are already been used extensively.
@rainbowstore I wonder why you didn't find anything. If you search harder then you can find plenty.

@lonelysoul A generalised form in never outdated. You cannot change how people talk in person..

Email Outreach Templates for Guest Posting

Template 1

Hey Taylor,

I recently came across and saw that you play a Deering Banjo. I broke the neck on my banjo a few days ago so I’ve been looking for a new one. I’ve never played a Deering before though: what’s your take on them?

Also, I’ve been writing up music articles and would love the chance to write on your blog. I’d be happy to send over a new set of banjo strings as a thanks!




Template 2

Hey [Name],

My name is [your name]. I was wondering: do you accept guest post on [Website name]? It’s a food recipe, so it would be a perfect fit for your blog.

I’ll gladly send you over some cooking supplies as a thank you!

All the best

[Your name]

Template 3

Subject: you should blog about [insert your guest blog post topic][insert their first name], as an avid reader of [insert their site name], I would love to read about [insert guest blog post topic], and I think your other readers would as well.

Your content on [insert existing post from their website #1, insert existing post from their website #2, and insert existing post from their website #3] is great, but I think you can tie it all together by blogging on [insert guest blog post topic].

I know you are probably busy and won’t blog on it, so I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. How about I write it for you? Don’t worry, I’m a great blogger and have had my posts featured on [insert previous guest post URL #1] and [insert previous guest post URL #2].

Let me know if you are interested. I already know your blogging style, plus I understand what your readers love… as I am one.

Look forward to hearing from you,

[insert your name]

Template 4

Hey [Name],

I saw that you’re the [THEIR POSITION] over at [THEIR COMPANY] and I wanted to get in touch. I’ve seen guest contributions before on the [TOPIC] blog and wanted to know if you were open to any more guest contributions. I am looking to write about something related to [NICHE] and thought that the topics I had in mind may go well on the [TOPIC] blog.

I was thinking about the following subjects:




What do you think about these? If you’re interested, I am happy to get something written up and sent over to you – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, I am more than happy to write on that.


[Your Name]

Template 5

Hi [First Name],

[Brand] would like to contribute an article about [topic]. Is this something you’d be interested in?

[Your Name]

Template 6

Subject: Great insight about how you ruthlessly cull emails

Hey Quoteable Influencer,

I’ve been following your blog for the past 3 years, so many juicy tidbits!

Your description of super busy people ruthlessly culling non-relevant and non-urgent emails really resonated with me.
Here’s the post you inspired about keeping emails as short as possible: [link]

If you’re so inclined, feel free to give it some social media love. ?


Template 7

Hey [Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I’ve been a subscriber of your blog for about 6 months now. I believe I’ve sent you a few emails and commented on a few posts.

If you ave few moments. I’d love to pitch you a guest post.

I’ve done some research on your blog and some of your most shared post are

[link of the post] – number of shares
[link of the post] – number of shares
[link of the post] – number of shares
It’s clear to me that part of your audience loves about is learning about what it’s like to be a location independent entrepreneur in a relatable way.

This makes sense as ……………. [complete it]


Template 8

Subject: Article idea: how to create an effective study guide by turning every concept into a visual diagram

Hey Sitemaster,

Been following your blog for a while.

Really enjoyed your [recent article] – the only sustained way to motivate yourself to study is to think about how you can apply or benefit from the information. Brute force memorization for marks is the fast lane to burn out and sometimes dropping out.
I have an article idea that I think would appeal to your audience. It’s about how to create your own super effective study guide for tough courses by turning every concept into a visual diagram.
a) It is very difficult to understand a technically challenging topic like coagulation by reading textbooks’ walls of text. Videos that animate and narrate the process save your sanity.
Smart Google searches to unearth publishing companies’ high-quality supplementary videos

Which parts of the video to screen capture for your notes – during aspects of a process you struggle to understand or remember

b) How to organize and summarize your screenshots
How to summarize every major idea into one sentence

How to find similar diagrams to reinforce aspects of a topic the images/screen captures you already have may be lacking

c) How to use Table of Contents and Headings to organize notes and screenshots in Word
How to use Table of Contents to facilitate quick jumps into different sections

I’ll be writing it in the step by step format you excel at.

Links to a few articles I’ve written in the past:
Love to know what you think!



Template 9 (Also for Product Reviews, Giveaways, Affiliate Program Invites)

Subject: A Quick Question

Hey [website owner name]

My name is [your name] – 1/3rd of an exciting up and coming software development team called


I was doing some research on blogger outreach and i found [link of his article] extremely helpful, so just a quick thank you on that note for letting [guest blogger name] post that on your site.

You have been on my radar for a while now, and I’m particularly impressed with the success your having with [Website name ].

I’m reaching out to you because I wanted to ask if you are interested i having us write a guest post related and targeted audience needs.

All our articles come from our co-founder [Co-founder name], whose writing has been featured in top publications like

[link 1][link 2]
If you check out any of those hopefully it will show that the articles are of the highest quality, unique and always related to the audience.

Additionally we’d love to do something special for you AND your audience by giving away three lifetime licences to our new product

(one for you and two for your audience), which you can use to increase email opt ins, social media likes and engagement!

I hope you can let me know if you think a guest post from us could be interesting for you?

Thanks in advanced

[Your Name]

Template 10

Hey [Website owner name]

My name is [your name] and I’ve been a subscriber of you blog for about 6 months now. I believe I’ve sent you a few emails and commented on a few posts and more recently I sent you a friend request in the DC.

If you have a few moments. I’d love to pitch you a guest post.

I’ve done some research on your blog and some of your most shared posts are

[link 1] – number of shares
[link 2] – number of shares
[link 3 ] – number of shares
It’s clear to me that part of what your audience loves about [his website name] is learning about what it’s like to be a location independent entrepreneur in a relatable way.

This make sense, as I suspect a lot of your audience is comprised of people who are aspiring to be location independent despite not knowing fully what it’s like, or who are location independent and want to read something they can related to.

As such, I’ve customized a topic I’d like to share with your readers.

[title of your post]
Frankly, being an entrepreneur can be down right lonely, and I know you’ve expressed this statement o your blog too. Many people hate the office but they forget about the things they are giving up when they seek location-less living. Things like fantasy football leagues, water cooler talk and group projects. While here are plenty of digital nomads out there, the said truth is, most of us aren’t connecting in an meaningful way.

Discussing this topic could be great for your audience ass it both educates want to be entrepreneurs, but also speaks to current entrepreneurs in a relatable way(we’ve all been there).

Let me know if you might be interested in having me put something like this together.


[Your Name]

Email Outreach Templates for Broken Link Building

Template 1

Subject: Re: Title of their blog post

Hey Cool Blogger,

1. I was looking for a few resources on momentum trading and I came across your very informative guide: [Title]

2. I noticed that one of the resources you mentioned on online brokerage comparisons no longer exists.

I recently created an extensively researched guide on how to choose the right online brokerage for you: [Link]

Considering trade volume, trade frequency, invested amount and other key factors.

It might make a good addition to your article.

Either way, keep up your insightful articles – Google sure loves those 10 000+ word tomes.



Template 2

Hey Site Owner,

I was doing some research on hiring freelancers and I came across your page.

1. Noticed you mention one of my favorite guides on the topic: [link].

I experimented with its steps myself and found great success with Reddit as well. Especially when you use a no brown M&Ms clause to weed out people who don’t even bother to read your entire job listing.

2. I just published a more in-depth 5000+ word tome laying out step by step how to find, motivate and pay a remote team of freelancers: [link].

It might be worth a mention. ?

Either way, keep up your great work explaining the necessary groundwork people have to put down to get closer to the 4HWW dream.

It goes through everything step by step – loves to know what you think!



Template 3

Subject: quick note – dead resource on your site


I’m a licensed (industry specialist) and a health writer – I recently visited your site while researching for an article I’m working on…

This is a note for your webmaster, as I found a dead resource on your site that visitors like me surely miss.

It’s on this page:

I got an error message when I tried to click on this site:

It looks like they made a change to their home page but didn’t update it… anyhow, the correct link is here:

And while you’re updating your page, I wondered if you’d be open to including some further resources that could help people struggling with similar issues.

Compelling Content Title

Compelling Content Title 2

Thanks for your help and for providing great resources!


[First Name Last Name]
Industry Credentials


Template 4

Subject Line: [DOMAIN.COM] question


Are you still updating [DOMAIN.COM]? I found a broken link I’d like to point out.


Template 5

Subject Line: [DOMAIN.COM] broken link



I’d love to have [OUR/MY] website [WWW.DOMAIN.COM] added to your great list of [LINKS/RESOURCES].

Also, I found a few broken links on your site. Is this the right place to report them?

Look forward to hearing back from you.



Template 6

Subject Line: [FIRST NAME], [DOMAIN.COM] broken links


My name is [YOUR FIRST NAME] and I wanted to let you know I really liked your post about [TOPIC OF ONE OF THEIR BLOG POSTS – NOT THE EXACT TITLE AND NOT THE MOST RECENT ONE]. The part I particularly enjoyed was the part about [QUOTE FROM POST BECAUSE…]

However, when I was looking at your [DESCRIBE PAGE/POST], I noticed [A/SOME] broken [LINK/LINKS].

When you are fixing the page, I also think you should consider adding these two resources:

I hope this email reaches you safely and helps you out a bit.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



Template 7

Subject Line: [SITE OWNER FIRST NAME], [DOMAIN.COM] broken link


My name is [YOUR FIRST NAME] and I wanted to let you know I really liked your post about [TOPIC OF A BLOG POST – NOT EXACT TITLE AND NOT THE MOST RECENT ONE]. The part I particularly enjoyed was the part about [QUOTE FROM THEIR POST].

I work at [COMPANY NAME] and after being in the INDUSTRY/NICHE field for a few years, I’ve become really passionate about INDUSTRY/NICHE and I’m happy to have found your site.

When I was looking at your [DESCRIPTION OF PAGE WITH BROKEN LINK] page, I noticed that one of the links was broken. The link labeled [BROKEN LINK ANCHOR TEXT] isn’t currently working. [OPTIONAL: DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT LINK IS SUPPOSED TO GO?]

Also, I hope you would consider adding our website [WWW.YOURSITE.COM] as an additional [RESOURCE/RECOMMENDATION/ALTERNATIVE] to your great [DESCRIPTION OF PAGE WITH BROKEN LINK] page. We’d be honored to be included on your site and I think the link would provide great value to your visitors due to our [BRAND UNIQUE SELLING POINT].

Have a nice [DAY/NIGHT].

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.




Template 8

Hey David,

I was looking through your suggested links on and noticed a few broken links. Let me know how to reach the webmaster and I can send a list their way!

Also, if you’re open to suggestions, I think would be a great fit. They have a large variety of customized parts that I’ve had trouble finding elsewhere.

All the Best,


Template 9

Hello [NAME],

I was browsing through your site/links as a [NICHE SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION] myself, and they’re great. [ONE/TWO SENTENCES TAILORED TO SAID WEBSITE].

I’m contacting you specifically because I was looking through your links and I noticed a few broken ones – specifically to [BROKEN LINK1, BROKENLINK2]. Other than that you’ve got a great list!

I have two more suggestions for sites that were extremely helpful to me as a [NICHE SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION] might make good additions to your list – [GREATRESOURCE] and [MYWEBSITE]. [GREATRESOURCE] is a comprehensive and entertaining resource and [MYWEBSITE] has some great tips for [NICHESPECIFIC DETAIL]. Just a thought.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know and say thanks – have a great new year!


[Your Name]

Template 10 (Random Visitor)


Hey (first name),

I was checking out (their site) today and noticed that a few links weren’t working on

this page: (page with broken links)

These two pages that you linked to don’t seem to exist anymore:

(broken link #1)

(broken link #2)

If you need a replacement resource, I saw this post last week and thought it was awesome:

(your page).

Hope that helps and keep up the awesome work with the blog!


(anything but your real name)

Template 11 (Big Fan)


Hey [first name],

Just wanted to start off saying that I love [and I mean love!] [their site].

In fact, I spent my afternoon yesterday combing through a few of your classic articles.

This one was particularly amazing: [article link].

One thing, though: a link in the post wasn’t working. Looks like the site moved.

No biggie, just wanted to let you know.

Actually, I just posted an article that covers the same topic [article link].

As a huge fan I’d be honored if you’d consider replacing the bad link with a link to my content.

If not, it’s cool. I’ll still read your stuff!


(your name)

Template 12.1 (The bait and switch)

This is a two-part sequence: First, you email them to let them know about broken links without giving them any specifics. Then you follow up with the broken links…and your replacement link.


Hey there,

I just noticed a few broken links at (their site).

I’m not sure if this is the right person to ask, but I thought it was worth a shot.



Template 12.2 (The bait and switch)


Hi again,

No problem. Here are the broken links that I found:

(broken link #1)

(broken link #2)

It’d be great if you would consider replacing one of the links to a link to this page on my site:

I’ve got great feedback on it and I think it would be a perfect replacement for those broken links.


(your name)

Template 13 (The long shot)

This is best for sites that rock the 1997 GeoCities look. Because the response rate is so low, this email is simply intended to see if there’s a warm body running the site. If so, you can spend time pitching them.



I stumbled across your today and found some great info (and a few broken links).

Just checking to see if you still update the site.



Template 14 (Send this email as independent third party, and not as a website owner)

Subject : there’s something wrong with your site

[insert their first name], I was browsing your website and noticed that you have a broken link Sad. You can find it on [link of page with broken link], and it’s the [insert anchor text of broken link] link.
As a avid reader of [insert their site name], I love reading anything you write about, such as [insert article on their website], and anything you link out to. sadly, I couldn’t find the article you were link to, but I did happen to find another good webpage on the same topic: [insert url to webpage that you are building links to]. You should check it out, and if you like it, you probably want to switch the links.

I know you are busy and probably get millions of emails a day, but i hope this one was helpful. I just wanted to help you out for once as [insert their site name] has changed my life.


[random person name]

Template 15

Subject : Website Form Comments

Hi admin, i was browsing your website this morning and noticed several broken links on this page [link of the page]. I was wondering if this contact form was the best way to forward you a short list that i jotted down?

Also, I was wondering if you still accept site suggestions? I have a favorite [link] site that I like to buy from when the birthday/holidays roll around for my son. I Think it might be a good fit for your list. Let me know ? Take care.

[Your Name]
Email Outreach Templates for Link Exchange
Template 1

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your name] and I work with [Client] online marketing team.

First, I have to thank you for repeatedly featuring [Client] on [your blog name]. The [client] team truly loves it when their customers share their favorite looks with others on their personal blogs.

Secondly, I wanted to see if you would be interested in linking to [Client] the next time you feature one of their products. I noticed that you often mention us in your “XYZ” posts and I want to propose an idea that I think we could both benefit from.

In exchange for linking to [Client], we’d like to post a Tweet about your blog sometime within the next week. As you may know, we have over x followers, so the opportunity for exposure is pretty grand. You’d also be helping our team out by sending your readers directly to our site when they see a product they like.

Let me know if you’re interested in this idea, and hopefully we can find some way to work together!

Thanks again for all your support and Happy New Year!


Email Outreach Templates for Reviews

Template 1 (Incentive review for eCommerce)

Subject: Merrrrrrry Christmas! Wait, too early….?


Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name], and I work with [client] web promotions team. I came across [blog name] and wanted to see if you were interested in working with us. Our site, [client] has over 48,000 custom designs across 113 categories. We were inspired by [something about their site], and seeing as how you love the holidays just as much as we do we’d like to provide you with 5 free Christmas cards for a product review on [URL].

You can either design these cards yourself with your own photos and text or select one from our already pre-designed cards – regardless we’ll be crediting you with free shipping. Please let me know if you are interested in this idea or if you have any suggestions of how we can collaborate on something else. I look forward to hearing from you!

Take care,

[Your Name]

Template 2

Hi [First Name],

[Brand] would love to send you a for [Website/Blog Name]. You could use in a review, a photo, whatever you think would be best for your readers. Let me know what you think?

[Your Name]

Email Outreach Templates for Infographics

Template 1

Hi [First Name],

[Brand] created an infographic about [topic] that has some interesting stats, like [interesting stat].
I’d love for you to consider sharing it with your readers.


[Your Name]

Template 2

Subject: Killer infographic that illustrates every NLP technique + 3 everyday life applications

Hey Site Owner,

Been following your site for a long time – finally, a blog that backs up their points with scientific studies, not just “I heard that from somewhere”.

I just wrote an epic post that delves into every NLP technique. I turned it into a snazzy infographic that illustrates what each technique is and how to actually apply it: [image link]

Love to see if this would be a good fit for your audience?



Email Outreach Templates for Outreach

Template 1

Subject: Loved your article about [topic] – here’s my results after a week

Hey Wise Author,

I’ve been following your blog for the past 3 years, so many great insights!

Your recent post about radical honesty really resonated with me. I followed it step by step and I found it dramatically reduced my day to day stress levels.

You can read my post about it here: [link]

If you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to share it with your audience.

Thanks for sharing your can’t-find-anywhere-else tips with the community.



Template 2 (PR Outreach)

Hi ,

Don’t know if you remember me, but I’ve commented on a number of your blog posts and we’ve written a couple of posts on the [YOUR COMPANY] blog that continued discussions you’d started (I think the TOPIC post was the most recent one). I wanted to reach out to you about [YOUR COMPANY], the PR/SEO startup I co-founded.

We’re now preparing to launch [DATE] and I wanted to see if we could setup a time to brief you on it. [QUICK BACKGROUND ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. WHY YOUR COMPANY IS GREAT].

Here’s the gist. You can:




Launch is happening DATE. We’d love to find some time to show the thing to you. Are you comfortable with an embargo until TIME a.m. ET on DAY, DATE (i.e. late Monday night PT)? If so, here are some suggested times…pick your poison ??




Thanks in advance.

Regards, [NAME]


Template 3

Hi [Your Name],

The guide can be found at LINK and I’d love if you could share this with your readers and help make them aware of THE POINT OF THE RESOURCE, and how they can help. If you need any further information please let me know.



Template 4

Hi Billybob,

I’ve been following your blog for some time now and appreciate your insights. As I’m sure you know, the ABC Convention is coming up and as a fellow blogger I was wondering if I could get your opinion.

Should I blog about Topic A? I’d like to talk about why it’s important before the convention, but I’m not quite sure how to address it. What do you think?


[Your Name]

Template 5 (Pre-publish outreach – ask to be mentioned while the company is planning their future content)

Subject: You may enjoy this: how master networkers got started with zero status

Hey Site Owner,

Really big fan of your epic case studies. I can only imagine how many hours go into the meticulous research and chasing down people to interview.

Wondering – is your team planning a resource/article on building relationships with influencers? I’m interviewing a few super connectors about how they got their start back when they no status or reputation – getting some really juicy insights like how to properly respond to Linkedin connect requests to jumpstart the relationship.
Let me know if this sounds interesting?


Template 6

Subject: Power Rangers, Are You Serious?!

Hey Zelda,

I just read your awesome post where you compared Voltron and Power Rangers to Optimus Prime and crew. Not sure if I agree that the Power Rangers could have taken out Megatron in the first film. I mean honestly, they had trouble with giant bears on their own show!

Truthfully, I think Voltron would make short work of all of them. Speaking of Voltron have you ever seen this hilarious live action spoof?

Anyway I’m curious to know what you think of the new Transformers film. Give me a shout when you get a chance!


Link of Hyrule

Transformers Web Outreach Team

Template 7

Subject: don’t you hate it when people pitch you story ideas [insert their first name]?

Well, I too have a PR pitch for you, but before you hit the spam button and move onto the next email, just give me 37 seconds, or else you’ll regret this for life!

So, here it goes:

I’m launching [insert your website URL] on [insert date], and I wanted to see if you wanted to cover it. Here are 2 reasons your readers would love it if you covered it:

Insert benefit #1

Insert benefit #2

I could keep on going with reasons on why you should blog about us, but I won’t bore you with the details. If you’re interested, let me know, and we can set up a time to chat when you’re free.


[insert your name]

Template 8

Hey [website owner first name]

First and foremost thanks again for taking the time to answer this question for my audience.

I said I would be connecting with some big names and I hope I didn’t disappoint.

37 entrepreneurs stepped up and gave some GREAT answers that totaled over 12k words.

[link to the post]
If you have a chance to look and share, that’s awesome.

If you’re usy, I’ve made it easy for you to at least tweet it by clicking here.

[click here to tweet]
Additionally, if you belong to any of these networks feel free to give it an upvote.

[link 1][link 2][link 3]
Tanks and if there is ever anything I can do for YOU, you know where to find me!


[Your Name]

Email Outreach  Templates for Link Request

Template 1 (Asking for a link back on a post)

Hello {name},

I noticed your site has a lot of great resources for [topic] — my company has put together a really comprehensive guide on Keyword Competition that helps website owners determine the competitiveness of a keyword. The guide features a lot of the most prominent thought leaders in the search engine marketing space, such as:

Rand Fishkin

Aaron Wall

Michael Gray

David Harry

And many others. The guide offers all kinds of great tips on how to tell how competitive a keyword is and where the best opportunities with the least competition are. It could really save your site’s visitors a lot of time and money.

If you have a minute please take a look at the guide — I really think you’ll find it a terrific resource — and if you agree, we’d greatly appreciate that you link to the page. You or your webmaster could just add a simple link where you think it’s appropriate with the following snippet of code:

The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition

Thanks so much for your consideration!



Visit Our Site: [Site link]

Follow Us on Twitter:[Twitter profile link]


Template 2

Subject: Link Request


I am contacting you to request a link to from your site. We have trailers, downloads, exclusive video and a gallery. Visitors can also find information on movie times and buy tickets online.

I see that your blog talks about Transformers and I think visitors of your site will find this content very useful.

Please link to using the anchor text “Transformers” or use the following code: Transformers.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration.

Transformers Web Team

Template 3 (Funny link request)

Subject: dude you have to check out this nude pic

You dirty boy, I can’t believe you opened this email. There’s no nude pics here… instead I’m using a software called Yesware to track if you opened my email… and you did!

But don’t worry [insert their first name], I am not going to blackmail you by posting it all over the web. Instead, I just want you to link back to me.

Or at least consider it.

My website is [insert your URL], and here is why I think your readers would want you to link to me:

Insert reason #1

Insert reason #2

Hopefully you link to me. And don’t worry, even if you don’t, your “dirty” secret is safe with me.


[insert your first name]

Template 4 (Perfect link request)

Subject: [Name], We’ve got a [Category] resource we think your readers might like…

Hi [Insert Name],

My name is [Real Name] and I’m getting in touch with you regarding your [Insert Category] site/blog [Insert Blog/Site Name]. I’m currently working with [Insert Client Site Name] to announce their new resource [Insert Article/Linkbait Name], and thought this might be of interest to you and your readers, as it provides an easy and intuitive way to [Insert Benefit Here]. You can review the article at [Insert URL]. If you find the resource to be of value to you and your readers, I’d appreciate it if you could add it to your [links page url] or announce it to your readers at your own discretion. Alternatively, you can utilize the customized badge or link code provided below:

[Insert Badge or Anchor Text Optimized HTML Code]
As someone has an interest in [Category], I’ve signed up to your site’s [newsletter/rss] and look forward to learning more about your business. Please let me know if the above provides you with the information you need to review and consider our new section for linking. I’m available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST, and can be contacted via telephone at my direct line (905) 420-1234 and also by my direct email [].

Best wishes,

[Real Name], [Client Name][Contact Details]

Template 5

Subject: [insert first name of website owner], i think i am in love with you

I hope I didn’t freak you out by my subject line, but I’m really in love with you. Don’t worry, it’s not in a creepy way. What I mean is I’m in love with your website [insert their website name].

You probably get tons of people everyday who are in love with [insert website name], so I won’t bore you with my reasons. Instead. I though I could show you more appreciation by giving you some feedback on how you can improve your website.

Insert suggestion #1

Insert suggestion #2

And if you are wondering how you can repay your biggest fan, feel free to link to my website [insert url]. ?

Ah… just kidding, you’ve already done enough for me my making [insert their website name] so awesome!


[insert your name]
PS: If you do happen to link to my website [insert url], it will seriously make my year!

Maybe even decade!


Template 6

Hey [website owner name]

Can i feature you in a blog post?

I’m putting together a massive entrepreneur round up and I would love for you to be a part of it. I’ve connected with some very big names and I know that if you have just a few minutes to answer this question, it will provide some great exposure for your brand when it’s published. Plus it will be a very cool post, as our first sales always have a special place in our hearts.

Here’s what my audience would like to know.

By large, I essentially am asking you to ignore any small sales, like selling an old computer on ebay. I’m talking about a service or a product you offered.

If you can elaborate on it (how you came to the decision, who you targeted) great!

Feel free to be as specific or vague as you like and i am happy for you to include any links to your sales page if it is still active.

I know you’re very busy, but I have to set a deadline on this. If you can get back to me in 7 days, I can include you, plus a photo and biolinks (if you have them handy great, if not I can go digging).


[Your First Name]

Email Outreach Template for Scholarship Link Building

Template 1

Dear [School] Financial Aid (or refer to the person by name),

We are excited to announce our company’s annual [$$ AMOUNT] scholarship, which is available to college students of all majors who … [BASIC DESCRIPTION OF SCHOLARSHIP, such as “answer the essay question, submit a video, etc”]

For your convenience, here is the link to the application page on our website: [URL TO SCHOLARSHIP LANDING PAGE]

Would you please share this with your students? Eligibility and application details are included below.

Applicants must be currently enrolled at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university during the 20XX-20XX academic year. Students of all majors are encouraged to apply.
One student will be selected to receive [$$ AMOUNT] in scholarship funds based on [BRIEFLY DESCRIBE SELECTION PROCESS HERE, such as “their winning essay responses/video submission/etc”]
Scholarship funds must be used to pay for qualified expenses, including tuition, books and on-campus room and board for the 20XX-20XX academic year.
To enter, applicants are encouraged to send their submission to [company email or submission form], along with their name, college/university, expected year of graduation, and intended major.
The deadline for submissions is [DATE]. The winner will be notified individually and announced on or around [DATE].
I hope that you will include our scholarship on your website and make it available to your students. Again, here is a link to the application page: [URL TO SCHOLARSHIP LANDING PAGE]

Thank you!

All these are already featured in
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@zeus WOW !!! Really wow !!!

Maybe I didn't searched for the correct terms and keywords. Anyway, I didn't search for the email templates but the entire process itself.
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Since we are discussing bout Email templates. Can anybody provide templates for edu outreach specifically?
@lootmeup Have a look.. Wink

These templates were published in

EDU Outreach Email Templates

Sub: Broken Links

Hello {{prospect.first_name}},

I’ve been digging through data on {{topic}} and your resources listed on your academic pages on {{topic}} came in extremely handy for my current project.

{{URL of their academic resource page}}

I would even say I couldn’t have finished my {{article}} without your help. I came across a few broken links though, so I was wondering if you are still updating that page.
I could send you all of the broken links and also suggest additional resources if you’re interested.

Thank you, {{prospect.first_name}}

Sub: Query about Library

Hi Ms./Mr. {{prospect.first_name}}

My name is {{}} from {{your company’s name}}. I was doing research on {{topic}} for my new project when I came across your {{.edu resource page}} and I must say, it was of tremendous help.

I’m gathering a list of resources on {{topic}} for {{describe your project}}. I was wondering if you were still updating your page? I might have a few suggestions that would make a good addition to it if you’re willing to take a look.

{{describe your suggested content with URLs and brief summaries}}

I think those would fit right in to make an even more informative resource page.

Let me know what you think,

Sub: Scholarship Offer

Hello {{Name or title of person}},

{{Your company name}} is very excited to tell you that we are offering a scholarship to students of {{targeted school}}. We would love to make an application for this scholarship available to your students.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Must be currently attending or planning to attend a college or university during the {{semester / year}} academic year.

– Must be in good academic standing with your current educational institution.

– For applicants under 18, must have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

– Must apply to the contest by email and provide your name, address, and the name of the institution you are attending or plan to attend.

– Must provide your written essay by the deadline of {{date}}.

A winner will be chosen on {{date you plan on choosing}}

All essay submissions should be sent to: {{contact email}}

We would be honored if you could let your students know of this opportunity and possibly include us on your scholarship resource page here:

{{insert resource page URL}}

To learn more about the scholarship, you can visit our website at the link below as well as review the attached flyer. If you have any questions please let us know.

{{Insert scholarship page URL}}



Sub: Undergraduate Scholarship for students

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I noticed that you provide a list of private scholarships for students.

I’m just sending you a message to let you know that our organization is offering {{number of student + amount}} scholarships to {{University/College Name}} students that major in {{Industry/Department}} courses.

You can see more information about the scholarship here:

{{insert URL to your scholarship page}}

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Kind regards,

Sub: Discount for students

Hey {{prospect.first_name}},

I noticed that you have a list of businesses offering student discounts:

{{insert URL to their student discount page}}

I just want to let you know that we are offering a {{discount%}} on all our {{category}} products exclusively for {{University}} students.

They can also use this promo code {{insert promo code}} when they purchase on our online store.

Let me know if there’s any other information you would need from us.

Thanks, {{prospect.first_name}}.

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No matter which template you choose. You have to give it a twist on your own. Otherwise, they simply won't work. Wink
Search on the SERP, you will get lots of high authority link data.
There are a few things to keep in mind when using email to build quality links:

1. Make sure your emails are well written and provide value to your recipients. This will help ensure that your emails are not marked as spam and that people will be more likely to click on the links you include.

2. Try to target high-quality websites with relevant audiences for your links. This will increase the chances that people will click on your links and that you will receive quality backlinks in return.

3. Monitor the results of your email campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Experiment with different subject lines, content, and link placements to see what works best for you.

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